"The path to success is to take massive, determined action."

-Tony Robbins 

Learning and growing is contagious, its an addiction!


What's the one thing you go through school and never learn about? Money! You come out of school not knowing about taxes, investing, saving, money management and anything to do with the economy. It is assumed your parents are teaching you these things but how did they learn it...? How come schools don't teach these things? Schools give you an education to go get a job to then earn money, but hang on what do I do with my money? Where do I put it? What do I do with it? How do I get more?

I created this site to help answer some of these questions and more. I want to share the knowledge I have learnt and continue to learn from some of the worlds most influential and successful people. Whether it be about financial success, escaping the 9-5, learning about passive income or how to be the best version of yourself! I will aim to cover all these aspects in what I call The Game of Money.


It is essential to learn from people who have taken the path you are about to take, learn from their mistakes and their successes! 



Make sure you check back regularly so you can keep learning, growing and opening up your mind to the world of money!

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Disclaimer: Young Money Investing is not a legal financial adviser. It is advised you seek a legal financial planner before choosing to invest or use your money in any forms. Some ideas posted are not original but rather ideas gathered from successful entrepreneurs and businessman (credit due to them). Young Money Investing aims to help inspire, inform and reach your financial goals.